Nutrition Education

The Iowa County Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP) began in 1997 in response to the need expressed by community agencies for nutrition education for their limited income clients.  These agencies were eager to be able to provide additional nutrition education to their limited income clients and therefore support the genesis of WNEP.

Overview of SNAP-Ed/WNEP Nutrition Education efforts in Iowa County during FY13

Iowa County’s SNAP educator reached 1,430 males (37%) and 2,403 females (63%) for a total of 3,833 learners. The age groups of the learners were – seniors 247 (6%), adults without children 375 (10%), parents of infants/children 2,040 (53%), youth age 6-11 946 (25%), and youth age 4-5 225 (6%).  The ethnicity of the learners were 2% (84) Hispanic or Latino.

The educator reached 10,444 individuals through the use of newsletters. The audience that was reached through the newsletters was seniors 83% (8,659) and parents of infants/children 17% (1,785).

The educator reached 1,461 parents of infants/children through the distribution of printed materials/booklets.

The teaching methods that were used this year are as follows – learn-while-you-wait sessions 2,177 (57%), group sessions of 5 or more lessons 1,207 (31%), group sessions of 2-4 lessons 442 (12%), and Group single lessons 7. The major SNAP teaching outcome breakdown looks like this; food safety topics 1,965 (51%), nutrition/dietary quality topics 1,777 (46%), and food resource management 86 (2%).

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If you have any questions regarding WNEP in Iowa County, please contact:

Donna Peterson
Iowa County Nutrition Educator/Coordinator
Grant, Iowa, Lafayette Counties
303 W Chapel Street
Dodgeville, WI 53533
608-333-4803 Phone