Iowa County Broadband Survey is in the mail!

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has changed the world we live in dramatically. Earlier this year, Safer-at-Home orders forced most of us to think differently, act differently, learn differently, conduct our daily lives differently, and work differently. One resource/service that has been in the spotlight as many have been mostly confined to our homes, is broadband internet access.

Whatever your situation is related to broadband internet access, we know there are challenges and opportunities for improvement. Without reliable and affordable broadband internet, our communities will fall behind in attracting and retaining residents and providing quality jobs, and our kids will lack access to opportunities that other school districts are building upon.

Iowa County Government and its many partners have been looking at options and potential solutions to our broadband challenges and are proactively moving forward on many fronts. To understand the needs, we must have sound data about our situation as it exists now, and where we need improvements.

The questions we need to address are what really exists in Iowa County for access to broadband internet, and how is the quality of that resource. That information is essential to moving forward with better options and new solutions. This data will be valuable as we apply for grants, look for other partners and financial resources, and develop plans to attract existing and new broadband internet service providers.

With the help of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension, we are conducting a survey to collect data on the availability, use, and demand for broadband internet services. Results from this survey will help support efforts to expand and improve access and quality of broadband internet services in Iowa County.

To have the most useful information, in the survey we are requesting your complete address. We promise we will not share your address publicly but will use it as a way of mapping the internet services for the county. Survey results will be reviewed and reported in a way that protects your individual anonymity. If you have questions about the survey, please contact us by phone at 608-930-9850.

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Please complete the survey no later than October 30, 2020. We appreciate your time and the information you are sharing. You can help make this change!

If you are able to do the survey online, please go to