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Crop Insurance and Other Grain Economics Topics

UW Grains Agriculture Economist Paul Mitchell has a number of fact sheets on various topics relating to crop insurance and field crops economics on his website, including the latest on GRP (Gross Revenue Protection) crop insurance. Check it out!!

2009 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials – Grain and Silage

The University of Wisconsin Extension-Madison and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences conduct a corn evaluation program, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. The purpose of this program is to provide unbiased performance comparisons of hybrid seed corn available in Wisconsin. These trials evaluate corn hybrids for both grain and silage production performance. For more information on the outcome of the 2009 trials, please visit the UW Corn Agronomy website.

2009 Wisconsin Small Grains Performance Trials for Grain & Forage

Check out the latest small grains performance trials from the UW Extension Soybeans and Small Grains Research program, summarized in UWEX Bulletin A3397, 2009 Small Grain Varieties for Grain & Forage in Wisconsin.

2008 UW-Extension Pest Management Bulletin is Now Available

One of the best kept secrets for pest management information might be the UW Extension Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops bulletin. Just imagine one convenient source with management information for corn, soybeans, forages, small grains and stored grains pests. In this case, “pests” includes more than just insects. The bulletin covers insect management plus weed and disease management in all of these crops.

The bulletin gives Wisconsin growers targeted information. It has herbicide ratings for most common weed problems and quick summaries of major herbicides in corn, soybeans, forages and small grains crops; insect thresholds, management recommendations and insecticide options for major insect pests; and a range of key disease management information like sampling methods, key symptoms, and fungicide options.

The Pest Management bulletin is updated with new pesticide information and recommendations each year. The 2008 edition is available now for $8.50 plus shipping and handling. The bulletin can be ordered on-line at To get to Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops, click on Farming, then on Pest Management or Plants. The bulletin is available to view online at the same website.

Dealing with Crop Insurance Issues Related to Weather Disasters

UW Grains Agriculture Economist Paul Mitchell has a number of fact sheets on various topics relating to crop insurance and current weather related issues for vegetables and field crops.

Pricing Standing Forage and Corn Silage–Use These Spreadsheet Tools!

Questions come up every year about how to price forages in the field. Check out these two new tools to help you make decisions on buying or selling standing forages and corn silage:

Updates for the Current Crop Production Season:

The latest UW Extension observations and recommendations on various crop production and pest management topics is available weekly during the season in the Wisconsin Crop Manager

DATCP’s Wisconsin Pest Bulletin is your source for the latest information on growing season pest issues in Wisconsin crops.