Scrapie Program Information for Sheep & Goat Producers

All sheep and goat operations, including small hobby flocks/herds and 4-H members with just one or a few animals, are required to have their flocks/herds registered with USDA. Most sheep and goats leaving a farm must carry an official scrapie ear tag. There are some classes of sheep and goats that do not need to be tagged according to the USDA regulations (e.g. young castrated males moving directly to slaughter). However, many marketing organizations require all animals to carry the official USDA scrapie tag regardless of age or sex, so the best advice is to have an official USDA scrapie ear tag in every sheep and goat that leaves the farm; including lambs, kids, sheep, and goats going to shows.

The ear tags and applicator are free. Sheep and goat operations can be registered and ear tags ordered through the USDA/APHIS office in Madison by calling their toll-free number at 1-866-873-2824.

Scrapie Eradication Program Factsheet