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Silo Filling Season: Be Safe! (fact sheet)
As the busy fall harvest season begins to gear up, now is a good time to be reminded of safety concerns relating to silage gases. Check out this factsheet that summarizes the concerns and provides safety tips.
Farmer to Farmer Website Links Buyers and Sellers
Livestock producers may find themselves with extra corn, corn silage, or hay for sale; while others may be looking to purchase additional feed.  To facilitate the local marketing of feed commodities, UW-Extension has developed a website where growers facing shortages can find growers who have excess feed to sell.  The website is .

The Farmer to Farmer Corn and Forage List is free of charge for both buyers and sellers.  Users can search for high moisture corn, corn grain, corn silage, haylage or hay.  Buyers and sellers can search in just one county or in any number of counties at once.

New in 2008 is a separate link for horse owners looking to buy and sell hay.  Click on the “Want Horse Feed” link.  This site provides a market for hay producers that grow hay for horses.  Horse hay buyers and sellers can search for hay in small squares, big round bales, or big square bales.  They can also search for alfalfa/grass mix, all grass, or all alfalfa, depending on the needs of the buyer.  Hay marketed at this site is for horse owners wishing to emphasis quality, color, and bale type.


New Custom Rate Guide is Available custom_rates_2013 The latest edition of the WI Custom Rates Guide is available and provides estimate for custom rates for various farming equipment and operations.

National Ag Library English/Spanish Thesaurus & Glossary (website)

Did you know that USDA has an agricultural thesaurus and glossary presented in English and Spanish as part of the National Agricultural Library? You can download these materials too. Check out their website!

Farmers’ Health Cooperative of WI (brochure)

Farmers and businesses primarily serving agriculture are also invited to contact the Farmers Health Insurance Cooperative of WI for more information by calling (800) 539-9370 or visiting their website at .


Information for


Rural Landowners

  • landowners reference guide_010615is a quick guideto federal, state and county agencies that serve Iowa County.(2 pages, 130 KB)
  • Partners in Rural Wisconsin Guide provides information to rural landowners on what its like to live in the country!Rural land ownership has its own unique responsibilities that require the partnership of adjoining landowners and farmers.  This guide is intended to help build positive relationships between farmers and non-farm neighbors by providing information about the realities of agriculture and issues related to rural landownership.


To provide research-based information and educational programs to assist farmers in pursuit of:  business, production, quality of life, and stewardship goals.


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