Drinking Water Quality in Iowa County

Drinking Water Testing

Testing Information

Drinking water testing bottles are available at the Iowa County UW-Extension Office in Dodgeville.

It’s easy to take a water sample:

  1. Pick up the sample bottle(s) at the UW-Extension Office  in Dodgeville. Please call ahead to schedule a time.
  2. Follow the directions to take your sample(s). Information sheet, options & costs, and instructional video below.
  3. Mail your sample to the lab in Stevens Point with your order form and check.

Water Testing Information Sheet
Water Testing Options and Costs

Water Sample Instructional Video

Additional Resources

For more information on groundwater quality and drinking water quality in Iowa County, or how you can have your well water tested, contact Joe Bonnell, Natural Resource Educator, UW Environmental Resources Center, at (608) 930-9850 or joe.bonnell@wisc.edu.