4-H Record Books

Members are encouraged to complete a 4-H record book that highlights the 4-H member’s experiences and activities during the 4-H year.  4-H members earn recognition and awards by completing a record book. 

PLEASE NOTE: The record book pages have been revised from previous years. Please use the pages below in place of older versions you may have. These pages are now fillable PDF versions that can either be saved to your computer and completed electronically and then printed or printed to complete by hand (see more information about fillable PDF’s at the bottom of this page).

The traditional green record book cover and project list page, along with a binder, are available to new 4-H members from the Extension Office. This is a great way to keep your record book up-to-date and organized! If existing members would like copies of the record book cover and the project list page, please contact the Extension Office.

Record Book Completion Guide – tips and advice for completing your record book!

Fillable PDF Forms WARNING: If you have not used a fillable PDF before, please test how it works for saving and printing. Fillable PDF’s do not work the same as Word documents do.  PDF’s typically need to be downloaded to your own computer (and re-opened from there) BEFORE filling them out. Please do a test before you start so that you do not lose all of your information. There are a couple ways to work with PDF’s based on your browser/computer…here are some tips on how to save PDF Forms to get you started.