Family Financial Security

Financial Education for Individuals & Groups – Do you have a specific financial goal to work toward? A financial challenge to overcome? A commitment to financial improvement? Extension in Iowa County offers education and support on a variety of financial topics. Each request is tailored to the interests of the individual or group and is provided at no cost. Want to learn more? See below…

Financial Well-being Flyer (PDF)

UW Mindful Money Moments

Check out the University of Wisconsin-Extension Family Living Programs Facebook page for our Extension video series, UW Mindful Money Moments. Each week, our Financial Security Team educators will feature a specific topic like accessing your credit report, saving strategies, reasons to create and follow a spending plan, and many more. Watch, learn, and share!

Financial Security During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Extension’s Family Financial Security team has developed and compiled a variety of resources to support individuals and families on topics related to the specific challenges that many people are facing. For up-to-date financial resources visit this website: