Community Development

Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development (or CNRED) is a program within Cooperative Extension, a division of University of Wisconsin-Extension. CNRED is Wisconsin’s educational network serving people and their communities in seeking positive change.

CNRED programs share a common goal reflected in our commitment to community development. Backed by University of Wisconsin research, our Community Development Educators work in partnership with people in county, state, federal and tribal governments, community organizations, volunteers, business and industry. Our outreach programs, research and assistance involve people, communities and organizations in educational experiences that teach them to apply the latest knowledge and technology to local issues and concerns. CNRED programs deal with communities as well as the people and resources within them.

Our local educators and CNRED specialists gives Wisconsin citizens access to University research and knowledge in:

  • Community Development
    Strengtening people’s ability to identify and and solve community problems
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
    Facilitating collaboration, local leadership development and community-based problem-solving.
  • Strengthening Local Government
    Providing educational resources for civic engagement and partnerships in local government decision-making.
  • Natural Resources
    Providing education in environmental protection, energy management and land use.
  • Economic Development
    Enhancing local economic health, business development, stable employment and quality of life.

Our educators collaborate with communities, bringing skills and expertise to address local issues. CNRED educational programs support community based needs, including:

  • Community Development
  • Economic development
  • Local leadership training
  • Public policy issues
  • Natural resources education
  • Land-use planning
  • Shared decision-making and consensus building
  • Access to information technologies

CNRED Programs are a Great Public Investment

Community Development Educators work with partners to coordinate services and programs and share resources and expertise, making public programs not only more cost-efficient, but more effective. CNRED programs are an excellent public investment in initiatives that are important to communities. Through their efforts, Community Development Educators strengthen the community’s capacity to meet pressing needs, with the end result being a better quality of life for Wisconsin residents.

Connect With Us (state-wide)

Local Community Development Staff

If you have any questions regarding Community Development in Iowa County, please contact:

Barry Hottmann
Community Educator
Iowa County – UW Extension
303 W Chapel Street, Ste. 1200
Dodgeville, WI 53533
Phone: 608-930-9850
Fax: 608-935-0328

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