4-H Projects and Record Books

What are 4-H Projects?

Each member signs up for one or more projects, or educational areas.  A project is the topic the member wants to learn about during the 4-H year.  In addition to club meetings, members can attend small group meetings with project leaders help specifically for those projects.  Through project work, 4-H members learn responsibility and new skills in their projects.

Popular projects in Iowa County include dairy, photography, woodworking, foods and nutrition, clothing, naturespace, and drawing and painting.

What are 4-H Activities?

All 4-H members can participate in a wide variety of 4-H activities, regardless of the project areas they have selected.  Members can participate in activities at their local club level or the county level.  Activities include:  music and drama, 4-H softball, 4-H camp, county and state fair, communications arts festival, project learning day, and more.

Currently, there are almost 525 boys and girls enrolled in 4-H in Iowa County in 17 clubs.  These youth live on farms, in small villages, and in the cities of Mineral Point or Dodgeville.  There are also approximately 180 volunteer leaders working with these youth.

A child becomes a 4-H member by joining a community 4-H club.  Membership is open to all youth regardless of their ethnic background, race, gender, handicap status, or religious or political beliefs.

A youth who is in kindergarten and older can join Iowa County 4-H.  Youth continue to be eligible for membership through the next 4-H year following their graduation from high school.  4-H has special programs and activities for all ages.

4-H Record Book Pages

Members are encouraged to complete a 4-H record book that highlights the 4-H member’s experiences and activities during the 4-H year.  4-H members earn recognition and awards by completing a record book. 

PLEASE NOTE: The record book pages have been revised for 2023. Please use the pages below in place of older versions from previous years. These pages are in PDF version and can be printed to complete by hand. If you would like electronic versions of these forms that may be completed online, please contact the Extension Office (will need access to Google Docs to edit the forms).

Record Book Completion Guide – tips and advice for completing your record book!


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