Badger Dairy Insight Webinar Series

Join the University of Wisconsin-Madison – Division of Extension’s Dairy Program on Tuesdays from 1 to 2:30 pm CST for the Badger Dairy Insight webinar series. We are featuring your local Extension Dairy Program Educators and UW Specialists as they present on current dairy topics. Take the opportunity to learn from and discuss with experts on the dates below. To learn more about Badger Dairy Insight and the Extension Dairy program please visit

February 21st:  Corn Silage, Strong Suits, and Compliments. The corn plant has a unique fatty acid profile.  With corn silage, corn grain and corn byproducts utilized in many rations, consideration of fatty acid composition of the diet may have big impacts on animal performance and butterfat test. Join Luiz Ferraretto, Ruminant Nutrition Extension Specialist, and Mary Beth Hall, USDA Dairy Scientist for Agricultural Research Service as they talk about corn silage during this webinar.

March 7th:  Honing our Measures of Efficiency. Francisco Peñagaricano, Assistant Professor-Quantitative Genomics, will focus on how feed accounts for half the costs on most dairy farms. Cows with greater feed efficiency, cows that need less feed for each pound of milk produced, are likely to be more profitable. Cows that are more efficient need less land, create less waste and methane per pound of milk produced. Feed Efficiency is a heritable trait now measured as Residual Feed Intake (RFI) and Feed Saved.  Francisco Peñagaricano will share how you can incorporate these traits to create a more efficient profitable herd.  How silos are managed, feed mixed, management of the manger, ration formulation and cow comfort can all impact feed loss and efficiency.  We have come a long way from just considering bulk tank milk, or even pounds of milk solids produced to evaluate efficiency.  As margins tighten, evaluating the conversion of feed into milk and what can be done to improve it is important. Learn this and more from Extension Dairy Educators Alison Pfau and Matt Lippert.

March 14th: Emerging Technologies During this webinar, Doug Reinemann, CALS Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach & Milking Machine and Farm Energy Specialist, will share the latest information on Milking BioModels and Management on Robotic Milking Systems. Extension Educators Jackie McCarville and Angie Ulness will also hit on concerns and considerations for Somatic Cell Counts and Foot Health in robotic milking systems.

March 21st: Stimulating Cow Conversations: Providing an Enriching Environment for Your Herd Jennifer Van Os is an Animal Welfare Specialist. During this webinar, learn that cattle have natural behaviors that may be constrained due to indoor or confined housing.  Providing environmental enrichment allows the animals to explore their natural behaviors and allows them to experience a more positive affective state, allowing them to be able to better cope with challenges.

Extension Educators Tina Kohlman and Aerica Bjurstrom will also share how transportation of any animal can be stressful, but perhaps more so for newborn calves and market cows. Best management practices can help reduce stress and improve animal welfare for those animals which go on the long haul.

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